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PLEASE BE ADVISED it is illegal to use someone else’s Credit/Debit Card/ Bank info to make fraudulent transactions and is subject to prosecution.

*By purchasing an Activity / Tour from Jet Ski Tours Brisbane, you agree to abide by Jet Ski Tours Brisbane’s terms and conditions, which include but are not limited to:
*Brisbane, Queensland has a tropical climate and on occasion your Activity booking/s may need to be rescheduled due to unsafe river, sea and weather conditions or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We may need to reschedule your booking departure time; however, we will do our best to provide you with same day reschedule or at least we hope within 48 hours and will notify you within a minimum of 12 hours prior to departure time.
*We no longer accept COVID-19 guest restrictions, government restrictions (IE; lock down, self-quarantine etc) for rescheduled tours. We reserve the right to reschedule all jet ski tours to a substitute jet ski tour to same or lesser value if required due to rescheduling or weather, adverse conditions or roster of tour rescheduling. Variant amount to be kept in credit to use at a later date or if agreed by Jet Ski Tours Brisbane a partial refund may be provided at their discretion. *Regrettably, once a reservation has been cancelled, we are unable to reinstate your reservation, and you will need to rebook and pay full amount for another tour. Please note that rates and availability are subject to change at any time. *We will not provide a full or partial refund prior to payment or during if you cancel, decide not to continue, change of booking date or guests attending, do not attend your booked/scheduled tour, no show or change of mind on a confirmed booking day and time for a jet ski tour and any monies paid will be forfeited .

*We will not provide a refund partial or full if cancelling and/or notifying us you cannot attend your scheduled booking without valid reason and accepted by jet ski tours Brisbane. *If required for whatever reason, Jet Ski Brisbane deems necessary, we reserve the right to reschedule same day bookings of your Jet ski tour to another time slot and will notify you as soon as possible.
*We will NOT provide a partial or full refund or continue a tour or to serve/provide for rude, obnoxious or unruly behavior from guests before, during  or after jet ski tours and bookings.                         


*We are unable to provide refunds if due to unforeseen circumstances Jet Ski Tours Brisbane fails to provide the service on the scheduled day and time, however we will work with our guests to initiate an alternative day and time and if required within 48hrs that is suitable for you.
*ALL rescheduled Jet Ski Tours for whatever reason must be rescheduled and taken within 3 months from booking date and any monies paid will be forfeited unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Jet Ski Tours Brisbane, less any applicable fees.

If you are unable to complete a Jet Ski Tour due to non-compliance when booking and purchasing your jet ski tour and your tour down graded we may provide a partial refund with an admin fee and/or a 3rd party payment processing fee of 6-8%  retained, as per our terms and conditions.

*Jet Ski Tours Brisbane reserves the right to change the date or time on which the jet ski is provided due to severe weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances as part of proper management of our booking system and our management plan for guests and staff and their safety. In the case of Jet Ski Brisbane agreeing to reschedule your confirmed jet ski tour prior to your booked tour, there may be a $150 fee payable by you for rescheduling to another day/time.
*Bookings cannot be rescheduled more than once and if you are rescheduling, you may be subject to a 50% rescheduling fee. We are unable to provide refunds prior to your booked tour being amended or rescheduled in the first instance;

*In the event of adverse weather OR river conditions or reasons beyond our reasonable control Jet Ski Tours Brisbane reserves the right to first amend/reschedule your booking/s.
*Payment constitutes acceptance of the payment / refund cancellation / Terms and Conditions policy as stated herein. Bookings are limited to 1 booking | order per customer and/or email, maximum 5 jet skis. 
*Jet Ski Brisbane reserves the right to amend, update or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
*All guests on a jet ski tour must be competent swimmers and comfortable in and around water.* After booking and payment made bookings are unable to be changed either in name or in participants. Extra charges apply per jet ski to change from solo to tandem (2 riders).

Gift Card Terms

Terms & Conditions
1. Gift Vouchers used by Jet Ski Tours Brisbane are valid for 12 months from date of purchase of purchase.
2. Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and no refund will be made after expiry date.
3. All charges over the amount of the value of the Gift Voucher must be paid if applicable re purchase of an extra jet ski or extra passenger.
4. Lost, stolen or damaged Gift Vouchers cannot be replaced, treat your Gift Vouchers like cash.
5. All Gift Vouchers are not transferable and intended on the use of the person (s) in whose name it is issued.
6. Payment for all Gift Vouchers confirms acceptance of the Terms & Conditions but not limited to as outlined on Jet Ski Tours Brisbane website;
7. Jet Ski Tours Brisbane shall not be held liable for any damages or injuries incurred by use, misuse, failure to use or cancellation of use of this voucher.
8. Minimum age to drive is 16 years with a passenger of 8 years or older.
*No refunds will be provided if guests book and pay for a jet ski tour if they are unable to swim or are not competent in and around water.
Payment Structure: Initial total reservation amount is due at time of booking.
*All jet ski tours are subject to availability and river & weather conditions. The information above should be used as a guide only. Activity/tour details, prices and timings are subject to change at any time

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