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Jet Ski Brisbane Safety Briefing

  • Always follow your Tour Guide/s Instructions – Your safety is our Priority!
  • Failure to do so may result in your removal from the tour!
  • This is Single file tour — Please follow tour guides at all times!
  • Observe the slow Zone in the Marina – Proceed at idle speed – WALK MODE.
  • Safe Distance from other skis is Min 30 Metres in open Water to avoid any collision.
  • Manoeuvre away from Debris, Floating logs, Plastics, and obstructions on the water.
  • All Jet Skis need acceleration to steer a Jet Ski – Follow your tour guides briefing.
  • Never point your ski directly at anyone/anything- always steer away from other skis and vessels for safety.
  • Avoid and give way to any other Boats, Kayaks, Ferries etc on the water.
  • Keep a look out for speed zones and any hazards. Your Tour guide will assist you.
  • You MUST have a Lanyard to operate your Jet Ski – Your Lanyard is both the Start and Kill Switch to stop your Jet Ski.
  • RED Start Button to START your Jet Ski and RED button to STOP your Jet Ski.
  • Right side is Accelerator for steering . Sometimes the Faster you go, safely of course the more responsive the Jet Ski.
  • If you fall off – PLEASE DO NOT worry & DO NOT PANIC your Tour Guides will assist – Your Lanyard will stop the Engine thus the Jet Ski will stop.
  • DO NOT touch or put any part of your body, clothing, hair or any other of yourself near or directly by the rear impeller or water intake grate.
  • Make sure from the water you climb back on from the rear platform only when your Jet Ski is turned OFF.
  • NO 360-degree spins and NEVER overtake your tour guide as this is NOT ALLOWED.
  • NO one under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol ARE permitted to use or operate the Jet Skis.
  • All Drivers must understand and able to read / write English
  • Always Act Safe / Think Safe / Be Save / Drive Safe during your Jet Ski Tour.

 Safety Signals

  • Left hand open vertical means – SINGLE FILE.
  • Left hand held Vertical with CLOSED fist means – STOPs SAFELY.
  • Left hand held out horizontal means – SPREAD OUT BUT BE SAFE DOING SO.
  • Left hand held out horizontal waving upwards & downwards continuous means – SLOW DOWN.
  • Arms Crossed across chest means – SHUT OF YOUR JET SKI.
  • Distress signal – waving one or both hands above head means –
  • Left hand on top of your head means – ARE YOU OKAY.
  • Single file exiting the Marina and when instructed throughout your Jet Ski Tour.

Check List

  • Ensure you are always wearing your Life Jacket- PFD type 2.
  • Ensure you have your Emergency Stopping / Starting Lanyard for the Jet Ski.
  • Lanyards MUST always be worn whilst on and operating the Jet Skis.
  • Ensure you have signed your Indemnity form/s.
  • Ensure you know what Jet Ski number you are on.
  • Observe a Safe Distance from other Min 30-50 Mtrs in open Water to avoid collision
  • Be aware of others and any other watercraft whilst on your tour.
  • Never point your ski at another vessel.
  • Always drive safely as these are jet powered craft and need acceleration to steer.

Damage List

  • Fibre Glass damage – Min $300 Fee ( Repairs and Labour )
  • Steering cable Damage – Min $500 Fee  ( Repairs and Labour )
  • Jet Unit Damage – Min $600 Fee ( Repairs and Labour )
  • Overturned Jet Ski – Min Fee $300  (  Repairs and Labour )
  • Sinking Jet Ski – Min Fee $18,000 ( Replacement Value )